The 5 Coolest Tech Gadgets you must have in 2014 December 29 2013

by Roshane Whyte, Technology Writer


Tech gadgets can introduce great timesaving advantages into your day, as well as make life easier, and more secure. With a new year comes new technology and 2014 is set to see new gadgets and gizmos taking technology to the next level.

 Here are five hot new gadgets you may want to consider adding to your collection.

1. GPS Watch Tracker


Parents naturally worry about their children’s safety. Very often, parents react to this worry by exhibiting over-protective tendencies, which often frustrate the child and puts a strain on the relationship. There comes a time when parents must let their children go out by themselves. A teenager suddenly let out, after years of relying on a parent’s watchful eye, is a danger to him, or herself. 

The answer could be a GPS Watch tracker. GPS means Global Positioning Satellite and is a technology for knowing where things or people are. Increasingly parents are turning to children’s GPS tracker watches as a way to fulfill the need to protect children in a less intrusive way.

Notwithstanding the peace of mind, that this device brings, parents should be encouraged not to have an over-reliance on them. Parents have many duties to their children, one of which is to teach a child to care for his, or her, own safety. This is best done over an extended period beginning when the child is very small and continuing through childhood and adolescence.

This is undoubtedly a very effective technology; one which millions of parents worldwide are using with great success, particularly since our children are exposed to criminal activity now more than ever.

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2. GSM Video Alarm


 Despite the increasing worldwide awareness of emerging technologies in home security, there are many homeowners who generally think of security cameras as something you would see in a bank, or on the outside of some large business. However, the advances in technology have made these systems far more available on a residential level, at more accessible prices. Individuals can now enjoy the same benefits that businesses have been experiencing for decades.

Having these options available to you can unlock many possibilities for home security. There is a wide range of options to consider when shopping around for the right surveillance system. The security package you choose should be one that fulfills the needs you intend to meet with the integration of security cameras.

A cool new technology that has just been introduced on the world market is the GSM Video Alarm. This device allows you to monitor your property and its contents using your Mobile phone. Video and voice are recorded automatically if its sensitive infrared motion sensor is triggered. Once the intruder trespasses in the defense area, it will take a picture and save to the micro SD card, and send it to your mobile phone.

Cameras do not only serve to apprehend and gather evidence against criminals and criminal activity, they also act as a deterrent for this potential misfortune.

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3. GPS Pet tracking Collar



 For the pet lovers amongst us, it is common knowledge that our pets are a vital part our extended family. In the unfortunate event that your pet goes missing, the trauma and heartache involved is immense. Not knowing where to look and what to do to when your pet is lost, is frustrating and not locating them in those ever-important first few hours of being missing can even be fatal. Thanks to the vast improvements in GPS technology, recovering your lost pets has become a whole lot simpler.

As a pet owner, there can be nothing more important than the safety and security of your pet. A GPS tracking pet collar is a worthwhile investment. Such a device not only saves you a lot of time and stress, but it also helps to reduce the number of stray animals on the streets and in animal shelters.

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4. GSM Air Conditioner Controller


This groundbreaking technology was released in summer of 2013 and is set to revolutionize how we view home and commercial automation. The GSM Air-Conditioner / Temperature Controller is designed to control the operation of air-conditioning units using your mobile phone.

Sit at your desk and automatically turn on Heating function when the low temperature alarm is triggered at home or business, using your phone. Similarly the Cooling function can be remotely activated when high temperature alarm is triggered. The device can also be programmed to automatically turn OFF the Air-Conditioner once the room is empty; a cool energy saving measure.

This is a brand new technology that we will be hearing a lot about in the coming year.

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5. GSM SOS Alarm for the Elderly


Emergency alarms for the elderly are vital in helping our senior citzens retain their independence. They also help to ensure that vital commodity; true peace of mind for friends and loved ones. When considering your list of gift options in the coming year, this would be a perfect option to show appreciation to an elder in your life.

This advanced GSM SOS Alarm for the Elderly comes equipped with several features, designed to offer comfort and protection to the Elderly so independent living can be a reality.

Caregivers, friends and family can be immediately contacted by the simple press of a button, should the user fall or become ill or incapacitated.

The device utilizes GSM technology and as such, creates a smart, low cost option for those who may not have access to Wifi connection, but need to enjoy these useful benefits.

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Here's to a technologically prosperous 2014!