The top 10 Personal Security Tips that every Woman needs to hear January 01 2014

By Roshane Whyte. Technology Writer

Sad to say, the most significant obstacle to personal safety is an attitude of complacency. "It can't happen to me" or "Whatever happens, happens is dangerous thinking.

In today’s world, the most prevalent threat you face is crime. A criminal attack against you or your family can take place at any time. However, you have the power to influence the outcomes by assuming more responsibility for your own security.

Here are a few personal tips that could come in handy for the ladies this year. Guys… many of these could also apply to you.

1. All home entrances should have quality locks, preferably deadbolts. Keep doors locked even when you or family members are at home. Ensure all windows have locks installed. Consider installing a Home Alarm unit that utilizes GSM technology. An inexpensive, yet effective option is available locally and can be found here.

2. Get acquainted with your neighbors. Develop a rapport with them and offer to keep an eye on each other's homes, especially during trips away from home. 

 3. Establish safe family living patterns. If you accept the critical importance of your contribution to the family's overall security, the entire household will be more secure.  Avoid predictable patterns; vary your daily routines. Educate family members and domestic help in the correct way to answer the telephone at home. No information is to be provided to unknown callers. If in doubt, leave it out. Trust your instincts; if it doesn’t feel right, act accordingly.

 4. Particularly in the case of young children or adolescents, it is important that you know where all family members are at all times.  A great method of ensuring your peace of mind in this regard is by getting one of these devices found here. Works like a charm!

 5. Avoid publicizing your travel plans on social media. Micro blogging is all the rage, but it is a sure-fire way to attract intruders to your home while you’re away. If you have to post your travels, make sure one of these devices is installed at your home. Also, always check your travel itinerary a day before you depart. If you’ll be gone for over a week, arrange to have a neighbor or colleague pick up your newspapers, mail, or other deliveries frequently, and just give an eye. Make sure a luggage tracker is embedded in your suitcase, to eliminate the possibility of it getting lost by the airline. Luggage trackers are super cool and are available here

 6. Proper password usage is not just limited to your online accounts. Select strong passwords for your computers, the router for your home network, even for your mobile devices. A swipe-to-unlock is not secure at all. You should always have a passphrase or a pattern unlock to keep your data secure. Smartphone users should ensure their phones are registered with theft recovery programs such as Prey

7. Teach children emergency phone numbers to call if necessary. Make sure younger children know their name, address, and phone number. Caution teenagers about blind dates, meeting strangers they encounter online, or anyone they don’t know. Ensure that these children are outfitted with security devices that will be invaluable in the event that they come into harms way. Learn more about child safety devices here

 8.When in your car, always keep the doors locked. Any time you drive through areas containing stoplights, stop signs, or anything that significantly reduces vehicular speed, keep your windows up at least halfway.  Leave adequate maneuvering space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. If you are approached by suspicious persons while you are stationary, do not roll down windows; drive away as quickly as possible. If you are being followed or harassed by another driver, or if this driver bumps into you, do not stop. Attempt to find the nearest police station, hotel, or other public facility. Once you find a place of safety, park as close to the entrance as you can, and get inside quickly. Ensure that your car is equipped with a GPS Safety device, available here

9. Extra precautions are necessary when shopping. Don’t leave shopping bags (or any bags for that matter), in your car while you’re in the store. If you take packages out to lock them in your trunk, then plan to return to the stores to do more shopping, it may be a good idea to move your car to another section of the parking lot or street. The criminal knows that you will be coming back and can wait to ambush you. By moving your car, you will give the impression you're leaving. A tamper alert system will alert you via an instantaneous text message to your mobile phone, if someone attempts to break into your vehicle while in the store. The device is available here.



 By using these basic safety tips and your own common sense, you can remain protected this year. Be Safe!