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Fleet Management


Track your entire fleet of vehicles remotely by installing our AccuTrak GPS Trackers. In the event that any of your vehicles are stolen, or if you simply just need to check on their whereabouts, you’ll have the ability to locate them instantly with pinpoint accuracy using your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.


  •  Complete system integration with all make/model vehicles.
  • Full nationwide coverage via its ultra-sensitive Quad-Band internal GSM SIM Card. 
  • Perfect for Company fleets, Commercial transportation Rentals or Taxis.
  • Immobilise any of your vehicles by simply sending a text message to shut down the engine.
  • Super-Affordable ONE-TIME Purchase price. Eliminate the burden of monthly overhead costs. You’re now in control. NO MONTHLY FEES 
  • Seamless integration with Google Maps (Google Earth Street View) to visually locate vehicle’s exact location.
  • Real-Time online tracking of Driving route and Speed of your fleet using our smart, user-friendly, online tracking software. 
  • 360* Protection; Always activated 24hours a day/ 7 days a week


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