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AccuTrak GSM Smoke Detector


Monitor your property and its contents for potential fire hazards using your Mobile phone. Receive an instantaneous text message in the event of a fire. Early warning ensures proactive response


  • Perfect for Homes, Offices, Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Villas, Hotels, Garages, Workshops, Retail outlets
  • Pre-program up to 10 phones to be alerted in case of fire on your property
  • EEPROM Information protection, Information will never be lost
  • Built-in NI-MH rechargeable battery backup power if AC power is interrupted
  • Photoelectric smoke detection; Smoke sensitivity compatible with UL217 standard Arm, Disarm and Control remotely using your mobile phone.
  • 360* Protection Always activated 24/ 7
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  • MasterCard
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