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AccuTrak GSM SOS Emergency Alarm for the Elderly


The Accutrak GSM SOS Emergency Alarm for the Elderly is an advanced Personal Alarm with several  features, designed to offer total peace of mind and protection to the Elderly so independent living can be a reality. Caregivers, friends and family can be immediately contacted by the simple press of a button, should the user fall or become ill or incapacitated.


  • When the user needs help, they can simply press the panic button, or press the Waterproof Wearable Panic Button. This will automatically send SMS Alerts and call up to 5 pre-assigned numbers, automatically creating two way voice communications. The unit supports full two way conversation between the alarm and the person it calls, just like using a normal phone. Its sensitive microphone means that the person can be heard up to a distance of approx. 6 metres away.
  • The device has the ability to set several timed medic alerts throughout the day to remind the user to take medicines or carry out other daily tasks. It also has additional buttons that can be setup to call favourite numbers with one press, so they can be called even when there isn't an emergency.
  • By adding movement detectors the device will activate if it doesn't detect movement within one of four specified time periods. It can also monitor for gas, smoke and water leakage using additional accessories as well as allowing static emergency panic buttons to be added.
  • The 1200mAh large capacity rechargeable backup battery is useful to ensure it can work for 12hours after AC power is lost. When the AC power goes off, it will send a SMS to the authorized mobile phone number.
  • Mobile phone SIM card is required and is simply inserted into the device. Any pay-as-you-go SIM card will work from all major mobile phone operators worldwide. No Contracts, No Monthly fees. You're now in Control.

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