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AccuTrak GSM Video Alarm


Monitor your property and its contents using your Mobile phone. Video and voice are recorded automatically if its sensitive infrared motion sensor is triggered. Once the intruder trespasses in the defence area, it will take a picture and save to the micro SD card, and send it to your mobile phone.

Perfect for Homes, Offices, Storage Facilities, Warehouses, Villas, Hotels, Garages,Workshops & Retail outlets.

  • Pre-program up to 6 phones to be alerted in case of attempted burglary
  • Use your mobile phone to control the video alarm system 
  • Full nationwide coverage via its ultra-sensitive Quad-Band internal GSM SIM Card
  • Eliminate the burden of monthly overhead costs. NO MONTHLY FEES
  •  Arm, disarm, and record video by remotely calling the alarm unit
  • Built in NI-HI rechargeable battery backup power if AC power is interrupted
  • 360 Protection ; Always activated 24/ 7


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