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Accutrak GSM Video Surveillance Camera


Monitor your property and its contents using your Mobile phone. View live Video of your premises from your phone via its embedded 3G W-CDMA technology. Video and voice can be recorded automatically if its sensitive infrared motion sensor is triggered. Once the intruder trespasses in the defence area, it will take a picture and save to the micro SD card, and send it to your mobile phone.
  • Waterproof housing, perfect for outdoor usage.
  • Perfect for Homes, Offices, Storage Facilities, Business outlets, Warehouses, Villas, Hotels, Garages, Workshops & Retail outlets
  • Pre-program up to 6 phones to be alerted in case of attempted burglary
  • Use your mobile phone to send a command message to the video alarm system to start video recording for 1-5 minutes, it will save the file by default to its Micro SD card;
  • Full nationwide coverage via its ultra-sensitive Quad-Band internal GSM SIM Card 
  • Supports Night Vision function. Automatically switches to Night Vision in the evening.
  • Electronic Zoom up to 6X and Brightness adjustment
  • Arm, disarm, Monitor and activate by remotely calling the alarm unit
  • Built in Lithium rechargeable battery available to provide 5 hours of backup power in the event of a loss of standard power supply.
  • 360 Protection ; Always activated 24hours a day/ 7 days a week

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