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Accutrak Portable GPS Tracker


Track your loved one remotely, in the event they become missing  by equipping them with a Personal Accutrak GPS  Tracking device.
In the event of an abduction, or if you simply just need to check on their whereabouts, you’ll have the ability to locate it instantly with pinpoint accuracy using your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.


  • Full nationwide coverage via its ultra-sensitive Quad-Band internal GSM SIM Card
  • Super-Affordable ONE-TIME Purchase price. Eliminate the burden of monthly overhead costs. You’re now in control. NO MONTHLY FEES
  • Seamless integration with Google Maps (Google Earth Street View) to visually locate loved one's exact location.
  •  SOS Panic button on main panel with up to 6 pre-programmed phone   numbers in case of an emergency. 
  • Built in NI-HI rechargeable battery available to provide hours of backup power
  • Secure Online account login to remotely program all device features.
  • 360* Protection; Always activated  24hours a day/ 7 days a week

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