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AccuTrak GSM Burglar Alarm


Monitor your property and its contents using your Mobile phone. Remotely arm or disarm your property with your cellphone. Receive an instantaneous text message in the event of an attempted break-in, or unauthorised trespassing on your premises. 
  • Perfect for Homes, Offices, Storage Facilities Warehouses, Villas, Hotels, Garages, Workshops, Retail outlets.
  • Eliminate the burden of monthly overhead monitoring costs. 
  • Super-Low, One-Time Purchase Price
  •  Pre-program up to 6 phones numbers to be alerted in case of attempted burglary
  • Remote control programming from your mobile phone
  • SMS remote control preset & arm/disarm the main panel
  • SOS Panic button in case of an attempted break-in while you are at home
  • Free Smartphone App for Android and IOS to control the alarm system remotely

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